Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics

It’s no secret Datageddon (sandhi Data + Armageddon) is upon us. With all those selfies, contacts, blogs, apps (and I can go on) people refuse to delete. I know what you are thinking, it may not be a direct Data Analytics problem, more of a storage problem, but it is.

How do you think Google, who accommodates an unimaginable amount of data from users, analyses which data is important enough? Or Facebook for that matter with billions of status updates, check-ins etc, deems it relevant to show you the ones which you are most likely to like or engage with? Or Twitter? Or Instagram? Enough about the tech giants. From startups to small enterprises to medium enterprises to Fortune-500 all rely on data analytics to make sense of raw data and to make informed decisions.

Experts in this field see data as Decision Anticipation Through Analytics. I just made that up but its also based on data analytics. Because once you get the feel of it, it’s exciting and you start to see raw data as diamonds. Even carbon under pressure turns to diamond. Carbon is data, pressure is data analytics and what do you get as a result? A substance so beautiful and most importantly, something which can disperse light into a spectrum of colors. So does data analytics. Data analytics is like a catalyst without which a reaction or a result may not possible.

All theories aside, let’s jump into what people usually ask themselves before making any career decisions. Note the word decision here. Any decision-making process just gets a whole lot easier and accurate once it’s been analysed through data. Something which we (6figr.com) have been doing for a long time to help people make smart career decisions.

As a result over a span of one year and through Data analytics, we observed that 6figr.com users, in general, earn 38% more. That was a diamond moment for us.